Complete Interior & Exterior Work

Keep the inside of your automobile looking its best by turning to Diamond Auto Interior. When you turn to us for vehicle maintenance services, we can enhance the look of its interior. While we specialize in restoring the inside of street roads and classic and muscle cars, we have the skills work on all kinds of other vehicles, including boats and motorcycles. Contact our shop today to learn more.

Leather Dying

If you have leather seats that need a makeover, let us help you. We have the knowledge and tools to dye them so that they don't have to be replaced. Our "dye to match" service includes the use of durable and environmental water-based, new generation leather dyes to match and restore your interior.

Carpet Installation and Repair

Add a touch of elegance to the inside of your luxury car by having us put in new carpet. We offer complete carpet installation and repair services. By hiring us, you can have one of our pre-molded coverings, installed in your vehicle. Each product also has an added layer of jute padding that offers an extra layer of insulation to keep out heat and noise

If you drive a classic car such a '55 Chevy Bellaire or a '65 Mustang Coupe, we can outfit with new carpet too. We even have floor mats that will match the carpeting.

Car Interior

Headliner Replacement

The headliner in your vehicle consists of a foam backed cloth, which is glued to a headliner board. Age, heat, and humidity will cause the fabric and foam to separate, causing the material to sag before eventually falling off. If this happens, come to us to have an auto headliner repair or replacement completed.

To replace your headliner, we remove the board before cleaning off all of the foam and glue from it. We then glue on new foam backing to the board and allow it to dry. This material is them trimmed and re-installed in your vehicle properly. It typically takes at least two days for us to complete the process.

When it comes to pricing, the costs vary depending on the size and complexity of your vehicle's interior. There are additional charges for the sunroof and recovering visors.